As Merkur Jet we are dedicated to our customer's exact needs and ready to provide it at any time thanks to our team of experts and their excellent organizational skill. In Merkur Jet we offer services that needs extra attention and care to our customer's special needs/requests and unlike any other company, we offer our services with excellence in quality with an optimum price scale for your budget without compromising our customer's specific needs, requests or luxury.

The team we are working with is highly experienced in delivering your needs whether it is a Private Jet arrangement for a business trip of yours or an Ambulance Flight for a medical emergency. As a policy we adopted our customer's preferences as our primary focus and we organize each and every step accordingly. Our main strategy is to deliver up to the expected standard of our quality standard of our customers without compromising the quality of the service we provide and through that render our company as one of the pioneers in the sector with maximum customer welfare.

Our vision as Merkur Jet is to preserve the name we have built for ourselves in chartering sector by always delivering up to our quality commitments and making sure that our customers are satisfied with our service in any type of arrangement we provide for them and also render our name as a reliable, customer-friendly and preferable company. Therefore, we always evolve by considering customer feedback and shape through it and also we always keep an eye in the latest innovations so that we can incorporate them to our services.

We share the principles and aims of Merkur Holding of whom we are a part of and we serve through its ethic rules, local and global regulations and customer satisfaction criteria.

With Merkur Jet your needs and requirements are our priority above all...

7/24 OCC
Beşyol Mahallesi, Birlik Cad., Keleşler İş Merkezi, No:6, Kat:2, Daire :4
34295 Küçükçekmece/İstanbul

+90 532 253 1575
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